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A Trial Case Resulting In Its Ramification into Excommunication:
A Case Study of Naked Power Abuse
The case in question was brought against the writer by Winfield Reformed Church of Reformed Church in America (Denomination), Woodside, Queens Borough of NYC.  The trial was held on August 11, 2013.                          
To begin with, the trial verbatim record is cited for the first time below for the world to see.  It is part of documents supplied by Winfield Reformed Church per our denominational church order during the course of my appeal.  Since then, I had exhausted my appeals to no avail by Spring 2015.
The Trial Record as received:
                                    “Winfield Reformed Church
Verbatim Record of August 11, 2013 trial  - Mr. Livingstone Kuo
Clerk’s notes:
Individuals present Pastor Cheng-I Mo (judicatory member) Ms. Dophne Chang (judicatory member) Ms. Tiffany Hsieh  (judicatory member) Mr. Vincent Liao  (judicatory member) Ms. Molly Wang (judicatory member) Ms. Sophia Hwang (clerk of the judicatory) Individual not present: Mr. Livingstone Kuo (accused) __________________________________________________________________________________ 
(Beginning of verbatim record)
Pastor Mo:  Clerk of the Judicatory, please note in the Judicatory record that the trial for Mr. Livingstone Kuo, the accused, is beginning today, August 11, 2013 at 2:20PM.
Let us begin.  The Judicatory of Winfield Reformed Church is assembled here today at 67-02 Woodside Ave. Woodside, NY to conduct a trial of Mr. Livingstone Kuo, the accused, to try the charge against him.  This charge, dated July 16, 2013 was submitted to this judicatory by the judicial committee1 that was appointed by the Board of Elders on July 9, 2013.

Mr. Kuo is not present2.  Has he received proper notice of the tie and place of this trial? 
Clerk:  Yes.
Pastor Mo:  Clerk, please provide copies of the charge and the Belgic Confession of Faith, article thirty-one for every individual present.  Does everyone have a copy of each?
Clerk:  Yes.
Pastor Mo:  Let’s proceed with a reading of the charge.  Elder Chang, please read it aloud.
Elder Chang:
[Clerk’s note:  See Charge dated 7/16/2013 for full text, spoken aloud by Elder Chang]
Pastor Mo:  Thank you.  Members of the Judicatory, do you have any questions, corrections or objections relating to the nature of alleged offenses?  [no reply]
Do you have any questions, corrections or objections relating to item one?  [no reply]
Do you have any questions, corrections or objections relating to item two?  [no reply]
Do you have any questions, corrections or objections relating to item three?  [no reply]
Do you have any questions, corrections or objections relating to item four?  [no reply]
Do you have any comments before we proceed to deliberation?  [no reply]
[Clerk’s note:  The five judicatory members proceeded to deliberation, after which voting by written ballot was conducted.]
Pastor Mo:  The judicatory has concluded deliberation.
Regarding the charge against Mr. Livingstone Kuo dated July 16, 2013, let the record show that the information and offenses described in the charge have been found to be correct and true.  It has been decided by majority vote that the charge has been proven.  A record of decision shall be used accordingly.
Let the record also show that the accused is herby suspended from the privileges of membership in the church.  A record of action shall be issued accordingly.
Members of judicatory, do you have any questions, corrections or objections before we conclude this trial?  [no reply]
The trials hereby concluded.
                                                                                                                                                [End of verbatim record]
The above verbatim record of the trial is hereby entered into the records of the judicatory.
                                                                                                                          Cheng-I A. Mo {signed}                                                                                                                           President
                                                                                                                              Sophia Hwang {signed}                                                                                                                          Clerk of the Judicatory
                                                                                                                              Of Winfield Reformed Church”
            **********           ***********            *********          
1Per this fact, it is self-evident that the church governing body had a prejudiced foregone conclusion the writer was reserved to be charged, otherwise it would not initiate and delegate the writing a charge instrument for the church.
2I had a valid ground for not participating this trial. The argument is rested on our church order, viz. The Book of Church Order, Chapter 2, The Disciplinary and Judicial Procedures, Part II, Discipline, Article 4, Procedure for Bringing a Charge, Section 4, thereby states in part (for reference, please visit the denominational web site, http://www.rca.org/bco):
“If a charge is filed by the committee designated by the judicatory, that same committee shall continue its proceedings to determine whether there is sufficient merit to the charge to warrant further consideration.”                                                                    -- bold, italic and underlined mine.
However there is no evidence that the church Judicial Business Committee had crossed over this threshold of cited church order in order to hold a trial. 
As gleaned from the above trial Verbatim, none of the Party of Accusers had come forward to the trial to present its case and all relevant evidences against the Accused. It is in fact against the denominational trial regulation, as unequivocally stated in The Book of Church Order, Chapter 2, Article 5, Trying a Charge, Section 11 Procedural Rules, Item d:
The accuser shall be responsible for moving forward with the evidence.”
Simply by reading the instrument of Charge, none of the judicial members uttered any words, the church judicatory ruled the accused guilty as charged.  This trial could be characterized as a child-play, grossly incompetent.  Applying the church order, the trial against me is grossly flawed in violation of denominational constitution.
                        Livingstone Kuo, Christmastide, 2015.